Everlasting Lovingkindness

Psalm 103:15-18

      15 As for man, his days are like grass;

      As a flower of the field, so he flourishes.

      16 When the wind has passed over it, it is no more,

      And its place acknowledges it no longer.

      17 But the lovingkindness of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him,

      And His righteousness to children’s children,

      18 To those who keep His covenant

      And remember His precepts to do them.

Examine /Explain

This Psalm of David draws out the fact that life is short and asks the question, what are we doing with it? What legacy are we passing on to our children’s children? Outside of God’s protection, life comes and goes with no trace left. When we are walking in the everlasting lovingkindness that leads to repentance we learn to have a reverent fear of the LORD. By living that out, we should be naturally passing that on to our children, who, in turn, will pass that along to their children. Natural but intentional. What we pass on, they will do, good or bad.

How do I apply this to my life?

What legacy did I inherit? Am I passing that legacy on? Do I remember the precepts of God? Am I actually living a life worthy of the calling to which I have been called? Have I learned His precepts? Do I actually know His covenants? Do I have a reverent fear of the LORD? Do my actions change out of fear of retribution or because I want to please my Savior and King? His lovingkindness leads me to repentance. What does His lovingkindness look like in my life? Salvation! Not getting what I deserve! Blessings!?!? What do blessings look like in my life? Material things? Cars, house, and money? Relationships? Wife, children, and friends? Provision? Job, food, and running water? What happens if all those things are snatched away from me? Is there still lovingkindness for me? Job lost everything he had and yet did not curse God. Not that I want to lose everything, but what if? Is God enough even if I lose? Is God still enough even when I win by my own “standards?” When I think I have enough money in the bank. When I think I have enough food in the fridge. Where is my heart in all of it? That is the thing that I get to pass on. The perspective of God in my life. The actions it takes to learn His precepts. The devotion it takes to walk in His covenant. The material, relational, and provision things are nice, but ultimately are they necessary? I don’t want to live a life of barely getting by. Been there, done that! I don’t want to live extravagantly, either.  I want to live up to the calling that has been placed on me. I want my children’s children to love the Lord because I did my job!

What is my response?

Father, where am I falling short of doing my job? What part of me do I have to “cut off” to walk with you? What is keeping me from fully pursuing You? Am I done with whatever it is? Has that area of my life hit rock bottom to the point where the only answer is Jesus? Or am I still in love with my sin? Am I blind to it? Am I choosing an idol over You because it blurs what You want for me? I want to hear well done the day I stand before You. I struggle with what it means to be a good servant. I have preconceived notions of what I’m supposed to look like as a believer. Yet the more I learn about You, the more I understand You have created me, and I am uniquely suited for a purpose in the advancement of the kingdom. And if I have a blurred vision from idols, I cannot fulfill my purpose. And that’s the legacy I will leave. A guy who almost did something in his lifetime but his flesh kept him from reaching his full purpose. Oh well. Lord not to reach popularity, but to reach those you called me to reach. And it starts at home. I pray that I’ve done and continue to do my job. Amen.






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