Redemption is

Ephesians 1:7–8a (NASB 95)

7 In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace 8 which He lavished on us.

Examine / Explain

Because in the foundation of the world, God set in motion the events that led to Jesus dying on the cross, we can be redeemed. The blood that He shed freely is why I can be called righteous, forgiven, and redeemed. Jesus’s death on the cross was grace. He died for the sins that I have committed and will commit. He did it a thousand years before I was even born. His grace is so much more than we can imagine or comprehend.

How do I apply this to my life?

I must live out my with the mindset of being redeemed. If I don’t walk in that freedom of being redeemed, then I really believe Jesus is who He says He is. In my redemption, I must understand the gravity of the forgiveness lavished on me. That means I must forgive myself of my sins and trespasses. I must forgive others of their sins and trespasses against me. It does not mean that in forgiving others, I am required to trust and befriend the other person. I have the ability to forgive and set boundaries. My question is, how do I forgive a person in authority and set good boundaries? I can see forgiving a leader who is in politics and is for off because there is no direct interaction with that person. Where I’m hung up is forgiving the person I would see regularly. Not that I can’t forgive them, but if I am in submission to this person of authority, how do I set good boundaries? And if those boundaries are met, then what? Do I dip out? What if it is a ministry that I believe I am called to?  I would have to trust God, wouldn’t I? God is bigger than my emotions, culture, and my circumstances! God is still God, no matter what! He was before there was time. He will be after time. What is my response to Him? Forgiveness and grace. Confidence in Christ Jesus that is in me. The gifts and abilities that have been placed under my stewardship are valid. The gift of discernment and wisdom can and will be exercised in my life. That means I must trust God. Here we are back at trust. I trust God with my salvation and my eternity, but I doubt Him when it comes to relationships, desires, and satisfaction in life. We are so weak as humans. I do long for the day to be caught with Him, but I feel my motives are wrong. It would just be easier. Life would be easier in my mind. I’m done with the hard of life, and I know we are called to do hard things, and I can’t give up.

What is my response?

Father, help me trust You in every area of my life, including my salvation, joy, forgiveness, and grace. How can I do any of these things without You leading them? It’s impossible. You created them, you created us, and you forgave us before the first speck of dirt formed from You speaking it into existence. How can we not forgive ourselves and others? I must trust You with the relationships I have. Jesus has to be at the center of them even when I see them as an enemy. Lead me, Lord. I’m a broken man that wants to be pleasing to You. Help me look more like Jesus today. 

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