Through the mocking

Psalms 69:13-15

13 But as for me, my prayer is to You, O LORD, at an acceptable time;

      O God, in the greatness of Your lovingkindness,

      Answer me with Your saving truth.

      14 Deliver me from the mire and do not let me sink;

      May I be delivered from my foes and from the deep waters.

      15 May the flood of water not overflow me

      Nor the deep swallow me up,

      Nor the pit shut its mouth on me.

Examine / Explain

Through the mocking, my request to You is for Your unending love and faithfulness in deliverance. In Your timing, let me know You hear me and deliver me from the muck and the overwhelmingness that I live. I feel I am sinking in both, and please don’t let either swallow me up. Rescue me in Your perfect timing.

How do I apply this in my life?

Do I only turn to God when I need rescuing? Life over the past few months is wrapped up in this passage. I felt stuck in mud and mire that I could not escape. Life was being overcome and I felt like I was drowning. I didn’t feel rescued or delivered until two days ago. When I finally started letting go of things and giving back to God. I’m still dealing with all the same issues, yet my perspective has changed. I know my own doing blinded me. I lost sight of living fully committed, but I didn’t think I was that far off. I was still in the word but not applying it. I was digging into the level I am at right now. I wasn’t responding to God through His words. Am I back to a level in our relationship I want to be? No. But I feel I am on the way. I shouldn’t base my place in Christ on feelings, but we are human and emotional beings. He created us with emotions, but I can’t let emotions dictate my response to God. Following is believing the bible is true regardless of my feelings or what culture says. There is a third aspect that escapes me. But how did I get to that point, when did I start slipping, and why did I think I was okay? Pride? Lacking in something? Self-sufficient? My thoughts wandered away from the truth.

What is my response?

Father, thank you for your perfect timing and recuse. Again I say people are fragile and fickle. Even David seemed that he would lose sight or faith in Your rescue. Not to get in a comparison trap, but if a man known for being after Your own heart flounders. I know I will too. Thank You for Your unending love and faithfulness to never leave us. Your long-suffering with Your people. WE OFTEN GET IT WRONG! And yet you still are there waiting for us to turn back to you. Today is a day of gratitude and praise for who You are and that You have saved me. I am able to live for you in a way that ministers to others. I pray I don’t forget that today. Amen






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