Where are my idols?

Psalm 135:15–21 (NASB 95)

      15 The idols of the nations are but silver and gold,

      The work of man’s hands.

      16 They have mouths, but they do not speak;

      They have eyes, but they do not see;

      17 They have ears, but they do not hear,

      Nor is there any breath at all in their mouths.

      18 Those who make them will be like them,

      Yes, everyone who trusts in them.

      19 O house of Israel, bless the LORD;

      O house of Aaron, bless the LORD;

      20 O house of Levi, bless the LORD;

      You who revere the LORD, bless the LORD.

      21 Blessed be the LORD from Zion,

      Who dwells in Jerusalem.

      Praise the LORD!

Examine / Explain

The first half of this psalm is about praise to God, while the second half is about praise to idols. The issue is that the idols can do nothing, for they are things in this world. They are all things made by man and worshiped. We turn to them, thinking they can save us from every situation, and yet those who make idols and worship them will be like them. Dead. We must praise the LORD!

How do I apply this to my life?

What idols am I worshipping? What am I putting before God in my life? Where do I turn when I feel overwhelmed? Is it still food? Is it still wishful thinking about pleasure? What about myself? Do I think too highly of myself and not seek God in the moments designed to seek His face? Yoking up to Jesus has to be the first thing that happens when I open my eyes in the morning. As I sit to read and study God’s word, how can I learn anything if I don’t include God and the Spirit when I sit down? What can I do apart from God? Nothing! Even when He has given me a purpose and plan. When I execute the plan, I still need to include Him. Even though I can succeed with the plan because He has given it to me, what good is it if I leave Him out of the actual work? Just making it through the day requires me to be yoked to Him. For so long, I had the wrong interpretation of His yoke. I thought I was alone in the burdens of life. For Jesus to lighten my burdens, He would come up behind me and lift the yoke and the weight on my neck would feel lighter than it used to. But this is not how His yoke works. I must place myself inside His yoke, which is built for two. That is how it is lighter. That is how I get the rest. I can only go where we go together. When we go together, He bears the brunt of the weight. When we go together, I can only do His will. We have been given everything we need as believers in Christ to overcome and walk yoked up to Him. However, our belief that there is something else out there that can make us comfortable takes over our actions. We find relief in something, and we think it is good. We find enjoyment in it. Jesus waits patiently, calling us back away from the dead idol so we can continue back on the journey He wants us to be on.

What is my response?

Father, show me where I am choosing idols over you. Remind me that being yoked to Jesus is an every second of everyday life. There is no time when I should not be acknowledging the fact that I am yoked up with Jesus. Remind me that in every situation, there is an overcomer. Remind me who I am in You. Not that I am rescued from every situation, but no matter the outcomes, You are still God, and I am not. Jesus is still the LORD, and you are sovereign. You can literally do anything You want to do.  But You operate only inside Your perfect nature, and I am to praise You for that. I am to praise You in the valleys; I am to praise You on the mountain tops. Even on the journey from mountain to valley and back to the mountain, You are to be praised. Show me when I take my eyes off You. Allow me to see the idols I have in my life. Teach me to crush them. Let me hear Your voice the moment I come out from under Your yoke. I want to see Your face. I want to hear Your voice. I want to go Your way. Amen.






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