Nehemiah 3:8-9

8 Next to him Uzziel the son of Harhaiah of the goldsmiths made repairs. And next to him Hananiah, one of the perfumers, made repairs, and they restored Jerusalem as far as the Broad Wall. 9 Next to them Rephaiah the son of Hur, the official of half the district of Jerusalem, made repairs.

Examine / Explain

This chapter is a dedication to those who put in the work to rebuild the walls and gates of a destroyed Jerusalem. But note it took everyone doing their part, starting at home and working out to accomplish things. It also didn’t matter what your position was within the work. Shoulder-to-shoulder men and women putting in the on level ground to protect what mattered to them.

How do I apply this to my life?

What work am I putting in at home? Is my priority to protect my family or my interest? Do my actions match what I say is important? Is my fishing hobby consuming my time and taking me away from my family? Is my “need” of comfort overcoming my need to lead my family? How am I handling my pain management? Is more painful to me to disobey God or is more painful to disobey the culture? How is the work I am putting in overflowing into my neighborhood? What am I doing to lead my family to impact those around us? I know I do the podcast and share what is on my heart with the world, but if it ever trumps how I lead my family, I’m doing it wrong. The world and ministry should not take the lead over me being a husband, father/stepfather, or brother in Christ. The first family unit was Adam and Eve. I must take the example of God over them and they are one flesh that discipled their children to disciple their children. What legacy am I passing on to my family? How is my example of leading my spouse in a Godly way impacting our children? What they see shapes their marriages if they choose to get married in the future. My neighbors that become brothers, what part am I doing in your life? After my family, how am I helping my brother? How am I stirring those who are lost and not my brother yet? Am I living a life worthy of the calling to which I am called? Am I living a life of light and salt in the dark and dull world? There is nothing new under the sun, so does my life look like everything under the sun? Or am I living differently? Is my life attractive to some lost in the dark? Is my life a beacon of light for a brother who got lost in the dark? How am I building relationships around the lost and the found? Without putting in the work and looking out for the next person, I am living a selfish and pride-filled life. I made myself number one. When I should be making Jesus number one, and that spills over to those around me.

What is my response?

Father, I must not be passive. There is no passivity in choosing Christ. I know there are times when I have to wait or not move, but that doesn’t mean I do nothing. I am to pursue you in the waiting. I seek You and still try to stir those around me in the waiting. I must invest in my marriage, family, brothers, and the lost. I pray that I am doing it in a way that pleases You. Not that there is a specific formula to get it done. It is a journey that has to begin. We have to get off the starting blocks and run. Run the race set before and not get so locked in on the finish line we miss the race altogether. Lord, remind me You are with me when I’m scared when I’m unsure of the next step, and lead me through my fear to help the next guy. Thank you, Lord. Amen



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